As Piracy Burdens DMC 4 PC Sales, Capcom Japan Resists Digital Distro

Devil May Cry 4 is "getting pirated to hell and back," according to Capcom corporate officer Christian Svensson, who believes broader digital distribution could be the solution. Capcom Japan, however, "has not allowed it."
Devil May Cry 4's PC sales in the US are "not doing as well as I would like," Capcom corporate officer Christian Svensson said. "I know it's getting pirated to hell and back," he added in a message board thread on Capcom's official forums. Digital distribution may bolster those PC titles whose retail sales appear threatened by piracy. Is that an arena Capcom might explore? "I certainly have pushed for digital distribution on the title (globally, I'm responsible for all DD deals) but Capcom Japan so far has not allowed it," said Svensson. He said that all CEI-developed titles will be distributed "extremely widely" via "more than a dozen" digital channels including Steam and Direct2Drive, and he hopes to expand that approach to all Capcom's PC content -- "but no promises. It might not happen." Meanwhile, Svensson said, Bionic Commando Rearmed will see "broad digital distribution for PC."

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