Apple Launches Expanded Games Section On Website

As Apple expands its gaming focus, the company is adding iPhone and iPad game recommendations for titles such as Fruit Ninja to its existing video game hub.
Apple continues to expand a section of its website dedicated to games, grouping under one umbrella not only existing info on Mac OSX games, but new specifics on recommended iPhone and iPad titles as well. Recently added sections advocating mobile gaming include recommendations for iPod Touch games like Fruit Ninja, The Sims 3: Ambitions and Spider-Man: Total Mayhem -- with a separate section advocating for iPad titles like Puzzle Agent HD and Epic Citadel. On its portable platforms, games have played no small role in the success of Apple's devices and its App Store -- as of today, games represent 16.8 percent of all free and paid apps on the Store, the second most popular category by only a narrow margin after books. As a result, the company's been happy to promote its portable devices as ideal gaming hardware, most recently unveiling its updated iPod Touch as "the most popular portable game player." But for much of its lifetime in the home computing space, Apple has never been aggressive about supporting or promoting gaming on its hardware. Recently, though, the company hired former IGN game journalist Matt Casamassina to head up editorial for its App Store's gaming section, suggesting increased interest in the traditional space. [UPDATE: Clarified to note that the site already existed for Mac titles, but has been expanding into iOS titles of recent.]

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