Analysts Predict $111m Loss For EA

Ahead of its second quarter financial report due July 29th, a poll of analyst estimates suggests that Electronic Arts will report a loss of $111 million. Together with a 60% increase in revenues this marks an improvement on figures from twelve months ago.
A poll of analyst estimates suggests that Electronic Arts will report a loss of $111 million for the company’s second financial quarter, whose results are due June 29th. For the three months ended June 30th, a poll conducted by Thomson Financial and reported by suggests an improvement on the loss of $132 million from the same time last year. The same analysts also predict that the company’s revenues for the quarter will increase by 60 percent to $633.9 million. Although financial experts are not unduly concerned over the loss, during the industry’s least busy retail period, queries have been raised over Electronic Arts’ unexplained failure to provide quarterly guidance for their results. This change in policy is attributed to the upcoming release of a number of new franchises, including Spore, Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge and imagined uncertainty over release dates and potential success. Electronic Arts’ share price has hit a 52 week low during July, but closed up 51 cents at $47.73 in Friday trading.

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