American McGee Partners With EA For New Alice

Electronic Arts is working with veteran developer American McGee and his Spicy Horse studio on a new Alice game for PC and console via the company's EA Partners division, CEO John Riccitiello said at DICE today. [UPDATE: official details add
Electronic Arts is working with veteran developer American McGee on a new Alice game via EA Partners, CEO John Riccitiello said at DICE today. The original American McGee's Alice, a dark, gothic third person action take on Lewis Carroll's classic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland fiction, came out on PC in 2000 -- also published and distributed by EA. Although details on the new game are quite scant as of now, Riccitiello was willing to confirm it will be for both PC and console. McGee, who began his career as a veteran of Id Software and is also known for Bad Day LA, now works out of his Shanghai studio, Spicy Horse, which can be assumed to be handling the new Alice game. McGee and Spicy Horse most recently developed fairy tale interpretation American McGee's Grimm, currently being released episodically on digital download service GameTap. [UPDATE: EA has formally announced the project, noting that the new Alice game will be developed by McGee's Shanghai-based Spicy Horse for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360; no release date has yet been announced. American McGee, senior creative director at Spicy Horse, said, "This new project is a dream come true for me and the fans who've kept the Alice flame alive. EA gave us creative latitude and support on the original game which resulted in something beautiful and daring. This trip through the looking glass promises to be even more exciting." David DeMartini, senior vice president and general manager of EA Partners, added "American McGee’s interpretation of Alice was an instant classic, and EA Partners is ready to help him bring his innovative vision for the franchise to even darker, more exciting places."]

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