AGDC: Pixel Mine To Use Vivox's Voice Services

Online gaming voice services provider Vivox and newly-launched independent developer and publisher Pixel Mine have jointly announced that Pixel Mine's upcoming multiplayer shooter, FireTeam: Reloaded will use Vivox's voice services integration, and
Vivox, a provider of voice services for online games and virtual worlds, and newly-launched independent developer-publisher Pixel Mine announced that Pixel Mine’s upcoming release, FireTeam: Reloaded, will have integrated voice chat and a stand alone, custom-branded desktop communications client from Vivox. Vivox also says the services it's providing can be integrated with future Pixel Mine titles. Players will be able to talk with team members, as well as opponents, in Team and Game Channels through the in-game user interface. The Vivox services will also let fans watch the action and communicate with one another on a secure Spectator Channel that can be managed and moderated by users directly from the game UI. Voice communications will also be available in the Game Lobby where players may create user and buddy lists and organize pre- and post-game activities. The custom-branded desktop communications client Vivox is also building for Pixel Mine will enable continual presence, IM and voice communications at times that the player cannot be actively logged into games. All voice communication will be hosted and managed by Vivox, and mixed on dedicated voice servers in order to ensure reliability and minimize lag during game play. "Our partnership with Vivox will keep Pixel Mine out of the cookie cutter pattern of games and aide us in our mission to change the way online games are delivered to today’s players,” adds PixelMine CTO Michael Songy. "Just like real-world military fireteams, crisp communication is critical to the close cooperation of small groups of tactical infantry”, says Vivox CEO, Rob Seaver, adding, "We’re excited to be part of FireTeam: Reloaded, supporting the player community with superior voice quality and reliability.”

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