Affinity's ZAM Network Acquires Wowhead, Confirms IGE Split

Gaming-minded holding company Affinity Media has announced that its ZAM content network has acquired major Word of Warcraft database, with comments from the site's CEO Tim Sullivan confirming that Affinity has parted ways from controver
Gaming asset holding company Affinity Media has announced that its ZAM content network has acquired major Word of Warcraft website, adding the site to its staple of MMO online destinations such as Thottbot and Allakhazam. The site offers a number of database tools for World of Warcraft players charting items, quests, NPCs, spells, as well as hosting its own talent calculator, maps, and PC client. Affinity Media was once known as the owner of IGE, though the company has since divested itself of the controversial gold farming business, a move recently confirmed to Gamasutra by Affinity Media's senior vice president of business development John Maffei, noting that "we’re no longer in that business." Wowhead CEO Tim Sullivan echoed this sentiment in a statement on his company's website, noting that “I know [the ZAM network's] plans, their goals, and quite a bit about their staff. They have no relation with IGE. They are all about content and building communities and tools to help gamers, just like what we've done with Wowhead.” Added Maffei, “We feel extremely lucky to be working with such a talented, cool team. Thus far we've been blown away. By continuing to put the top minds together in this space, we can really thrive in making the best sites for MMO gamers."

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