Activision, Creative Assembly, Blitz Games Mobilize For Realtime Worlds Staff

Activision is reportedly holding a two-day recruitment event in Dundee this week to meet with Realtime Worlds staff seeking new employment [UPDATE: The Creative Assembly and Blitz Games also holding similar events.]
When a well-reputed studio faces layoffs, or, in Dundee-based Realtime Worlds' case, administration -- other publishers are often quick to try to hire up the newly-available staff. Activision is reportedly making such an effort with speed, mobilizing a staffing team and sending them straight to Scotland to see if any of Realtime Worlds' former staffers will join its ranks. According to a report in UK trade site Develop, when news of the company's dire straits broke in the past couple days -- first 60 layoffs, then the revelation of administration -- Activision began working with a local agency in Scotland, Specialmove, to fly six of its human resources personnel to Dundee. The Activision staffers on the ground will reportedly stage a special Dundee-based recruitment event targeting those Realtime Worlds staffers who have lost or may soon lose their jobs. Following "lackluster" sales of crime MMO APB, the studio's latest launch, Realtime Worlds has said it is "currently involved in a consultative process with the 200 staff employed in Dundee." "Our intention is to continue trading the company while we attempt to find a going concern buyer which will safeguard the future of the business," said a spokesman for the administrator yesterday. The administrator also said it hopes that the buyer will continue the operations for APB. Meanwhile, Develop received details of Activision's planned recruitment event, to be held this week on August 19 and 20 at Dundee's Apex Hotel, where the publisher will showcase opportunities at its studios worldwide, and make its staff available to talk with interested employees. On the event's second day, the publisher will hold individual interviews. "We understand it's a difficult time for everyone involved and hope we're able to provide some support and opportunity to anyone keen to consider roles with Activision," said Activision Europe studios VP Chris Lee. The PR firm for the administrator handling the Realtime situation said Tuesday that the studio has received interest from potential buyers in both the U.S. and the UK. [UPDATE: The Creative Assembly has also announced a recruiting event at the Apex Hotel, City Quay, Dundee on Friday 20th, confirming that it currently has job vacancies available. Blitz Games Studios has joined the cause as well, flying four senior executives in for a meeting at the Apex Hotel Thursday and Friday to consult with Realtime Worlds staff about employment opportunities.]

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