Acclaim, Dave Perry Working On New Korean-Style MMO

Acclaim Games, whose name-only resurrection recently occurred following the original Acclaim's 20...
Acclaim Games, whose name-only resurrection recently occurred following the original Acclaim's 2004 bankruptcy, has announced that it is working with game development veteran and Shiny Entertainment founder David Perry on a new mature themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) called 2Moons. Perry, who left Shiny earlier this year, is working with Sunghun Baek for the 2Moons project. Baek is the designer and chief technical officer for Korean game developer GameHi, which is known for its MMO Dekaron, upon which 2Moons is based. In addition, the game will keep with Acclaim’s ongoing business model, which includes releasing full-price games for free. With no subscriptions, and no charge to download the game, it will be funded mostly by advertising, which Acclaim also notes will be able to be turned off by the player if they choose, interestingly. Acclaim's other two titles, BOTS and 9Dragons, generate revenue that comes primarily from microtransactions involving new items or parts within the games. "Many Asian games just get translated and thrown out on the USA market", commented David Perry, "Acclaim wanted to change that model." He added: “There's a clear need for Western designers to get involved if the games end up here, and so this is a special situation where the original game creator and I have decided to partner on this challenge, to take the framework of a working successful MMO and re-make it specifically for Western audiences.”

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