Acclaim Auction Continues As Current Bids Posted

Following the recent announcement of remaining game rights that bankrupt video game publisher Acc...
Following the recent announcement of remaining game rights that bankrupt video game publisher Acclaim's Chapter 7 trustees are looking to sell, the auctioneer of the content, David R. Maltz & Co., Inc, has posted a list of current bids for the properties on its website. As previously mentioned, although previous sales had disposed of a number of Acclaim's more well-known franchises, a large majority of them, from Bart's Nightmare to South Park Rally, would likely require the potential purchaser to also reach a new agreement with the license holder, making purchase this potentially tricky. In addition, some of the titles are clearly regional publishing agreements that may have expired, such as SKUs of Populous and Riven, but apparently valid and saleable internally developed Acclaim games and franchises include several versions of the Extreme G franchise (ending with multi-console title XGRA), which currently have a high bid of $75,000 on them, as well as the Re-Volt remote control car series, which has a $40,000 high bid. Other bids include one for the Artdink-developed PlayStation title Mr. Domino, for $25,000, and for the Rare-developed NES titles Wizards & Warriors and Iron Sword, which have a collective bid of $25,000. However, it's unclear to those who haven't inspected the original documents whether further royalties would be due to the developers if these games were re-sold. A complete list of titles and bids are available on the official Maltz Auctions website.

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