Abyssal Engine Integrates RakNet Networking For Multiplayer Development

Connecticut-based tools maker Abyssal Technologies is adding multiplayer functionality to its eponymous development engine via integration of Jenkins Software's RakNet.
Connecticut-based tools maker Abyssal Technologies has announced it will integrate the RakNet cross platform C++ networking engine into its Abyssal Engine development tools. Abyssal Engine is OpenGL-based, comprised of a game creation tool kit and rendering engine aimed at reducing development time. It's designed to be used across a variety of genres from RPG to real-time strategy, and is available to both commercial and independent developers. The integration of RakNet will add multiplayer and MMO game development functionality to Abyssal Engine; when the company first announced its product in September 2008, it stated it was looking to add precisely this kind of technology. Jenkins Software, makers of RakNet, will be demoing the multiplayer functionality in an online 3D environment through a deathmatch game, for which Abyssal plans to provide the game level. The company says the RakNet-enabled version of Abyssal Engine will be available "within the next few weeks."

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