3G Studios Adds President, Confirms Next-Gen Plans

Nevada based industry newcomer 3G Studios (Stacked for the PSP) has announced former Vivendi Games CCO Drew Markham has joined the company as the president of its Tahoe Studio, as well as confirmed an "unannounced AAA title with Vivendi Games" amon
Nevada based industry newcomer 3G Studios (Stacked for the PSP) has announced that 15 year industry veteran and former Vivendi Games chief creative officer Drew Markham has joined the company as the president of its Tahoe Studio. Prior to his role at Vivendi, Markham founded Gray Matter Studios and served as producer on Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Redneck Rampage, as well as designed the PC first-person shooter Kingpin: Life of Crime. In his new role, Markham will be responsible for the creative direction of the studio and its strategic relationships. However, officials note that his primary role at the studio will focus on overseeing the design and production of the studio's next-gen properties. According to studio chief executive James Kosta, 3G is currently working on several next-gen properties, including “one unannounced AAA title with Vivendi Games, one unannounced title with another major publishing partner and working on several original games for the Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3 and PSP, Microsoft 360, and PC.” Studio representatives also add that as part of Markham's move to 3G Tahoe, the studio has identified several venture capital firms that it will be working with to manage the growth of the studio. "Drew Markham is a very talented and creative leader in the video game industry”, said Kosta. “His broad industry knowledge, creative insights and years of gaming experience have seen him create some of the most successful video games in the industry's history. His experience will bring tremendous advantages to 3G. We anticipate that Drew will add that extra creative edge to the games we are developing.”

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