3Dsolve Adds Health Vet To Board, Plans Cleanroom Sim

Simulation learning company 3Dsolve has announced that it has added health industry veteran Dr. Carmen M. Wagner, founder and president of Strategic Compliance International, to its advisory board, where she will aid in new product development designed to
Simulation learning company 3Dsolve has announced that it has added Dr. Carmen M. Wagner, founder and president of Strategic Compliance International, to its advisory board. A 25 year veteran of the health industry, Wagner will help provide guidance to 3Dsolve as member of its board as the company develops “multiuser, high-fidelity e-learning software for pharmaceutical companies worldwide.” 3Dsolve plans to release its first such simulation, which is designed to improve the overall process of aseptic cleanroom training, globally to pharmaceutical production personnel for a small annual subscription fee. The training simulations are designed to run on a standard laptop, making it possible for trainees to practice cleanroom processing techniques amidst a variety of simulated situations regardless of time or location. The training applications will cover various topics such as basic microbiology, hygiene, gowning, handling of equipment and specific procedures covering the aseptic processing area and other operations requiring intensive practical training. Using standard personal computers, operators will be able to complete several hours in the simulated environment, honing and internalizing critical skills, either prior to interacting with the actual processing line, or in parallel with the “real life” experience, which may make them more comfortable to experiment and learn, helping eliminate the risks of human error posed by new employees. According to 3Dsolve officials, the company selected Dr. Wagner to aid in the creation of learning simulations for pharmaceutical employees due to her extensive experience in the development of technical training that support regulatory compliance. Wagner's addition comes as the latest new face to join 3Dsolve. Earlier this month the company, which creates collaborative simulation learning solutions for government, military, and corporate applications, hired former Westwood Studios (Blade Runner) animator and 7 Studios (Defender, The Sopranos) co-founder Damon Conn as its art director. “In addition to saving companies the expense of maintaining dedicated cleanrooms for training, 3Dsolve’s learning simulations will give trainees a safe place to learn without taking risks with real facilities or products,” commented Wagner. She added: “The level of detail and intelligence built into the cleanroom simulations is unprecedented and represents a significant innovation in training for aseptic processing. Although, not a substitute for the “real” facility exposure, it sure enhances our ability to expand the learning experience in a safe, cost-effective way.”

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