2007 Entertainment Technology Law Summit Announced

Organizers have announced the Entertainment Technology Law Summit, a two day seminar scheduled to take place in August in Seattle, Washington, which will include among other things a game-specific panel covering the convergences of video games and other l
Program organizers Law Seminars International have announced the Entertainment Technology Law Summit, a two day seminar scheduled to take place August 16 and 17 at the Renaissance Seattle Hotel in Seattle, Washington. According to the organizers, the event will provide a platform for lawyers and business executives in the entertainment and technology industries to share knowledge about transitions into new models for content creation, distribution and marketing. Among the panels confirmed for the event is a game-specific discussion titled “Video Game Development: The New Financing and Development Models,” which promises to focus on topics such as directors setting up their own game studios, and the issues and challenges associated with combining video games with established movie and music licenses. In addition, the panel will also discuss the growing trend of creating film properties based on established video game IP. The panel will feature discussion by LucasArts' Seth J. Steinberg, Esq., director of business affairs and general counsel, and Sony's Daniel Figueroa, Esq., director of legal and business affairs and corporate counsel, and will be moderated by THQ's executive vice president of business and legal affairs, James M. Kennedy. Other topics to be discussed over the course of the event include current litigation, emerging business models, online and mobile content distribution, piracy policies and fears, user generated content, and the transformation of the music business. For more information on the event, including registration details and a complete conference program, visit the official website.

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