2002 Industry Sales Up, Vice City On Top In December

According to new game sales data from NPDFunworld, total sales (hardware and software) for 2002 hit a record $10.3 billion -- 10% more than in 2001.
Sales of game software rose 21 percent over 2001. The information, found in NPD's monthly sales report, also reveals that sales in December were up 7% over December 2001. Other notable data from NPDFunworld:
  • Electronic Arts, the largest publisher, saw sales rose by 18 percent
  • Take-Two, the second largest publisher, sold 1.4 million units of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It has sold 4.4 million units since the game's launch in October -- selling at double the rate of Grand Theft Auto 3 over the same period.
  • Activision, the third largest publisher, saw its sales drop in December drop by 22 percent from December 2001. Analysts fear the company is becoming a one-hit wonder, relying too much on its Tony Hawk franchise.
  • THQ's sales in December rose by 25 percent over the same period in 2001.
  • Just one Xbox game and one Gamecube game cracked the top-20 list for the month of December. PS2 and Game Boy Advance games dominated sales last month. According to NPDFunworld, the top-20 console/handheld games in December were: 1. GRAND THEFT AUTO:VICE CITY (PS2, ROCKSTAR GAMES, OCT'02, $49) 2. DRAGON BALL Z:BUDOKAI (PS2 INFOGRAMES, DEC'02, $50) 3. MADDEN NFL 2003 (PS2, ELECTRONIC ARTS, AUG'02, $48) 4. TOM CLANCY'S SPLINTER CELL (XBX, UBI SOFT, NOV'02, $48) 5. LORD OF RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS (PS2, ELECTRONIC ARTS, OCT'02, $50) 6. ZELDA: LINK TO PAST (GBA, NINTENDO OF AMERICA, DEC'02, $27) 7. YU-GI-OH! ETERNAL (GBA, KONAMI OF AMERICA, OCT'02, $29) 8. BOND 007: NIGHTFIRE (PS2, ELECTRONIC ARTS, NOV'02, $49) 9. TONY HAWK'S PRO SKATER 4 (PS2, ACTIVISION, OCT'02, $47) 10. MORTAL KOMBAT: DEADLY ALLIANCE (PS2, MIDWAY, NOV'02, $49) 11. KINGDOM HEARTS (PS2, SQUARE EA, SEP'02, $49) 12. ATV OFF ROAD FURY 2 (PS2, SONY COMPUTER ENT., NOV'02, $40) 13. WWE: SHUT YOUR MOUTH (PS2, THQ, OCT'02, $49) 14. METROID PRIME (GCN, NINTENDO OF AMERICA, NOV'02, $49) 15. METROID FUSION (GBA, NINTENDO OF AMERICA, NOV'02, $29) 16. HARRY POTTER: CHAMBER OF SECRETS (GBA, ELECTRONIC ARTS, NOV'02, $32) 17. GRAN TURISMO 3:A-SPEC (PS2, SONY COMPUTER ENT., JUL'01, $20) 18. SOCOM:U.S. NAVY SEALS (PS2, SONY COMPUTER ENT., AUG'02, $60 19. NBA LIVE 2003 (PS2, ELECTRONIC ARTS, OCT'02, $49) 20. YOSHI'S ISLAND:MARIO3 (GBA, NINTENDO OF AMERICA, SEP'02, $27)
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