10tacle Studios Investments Paves Way For New Middleware

After announcing the formation of a new mobile studio on Friday, officials from German-headquarte...
After announcing the formation of a new mobile studio on Friday, officials from German-headquartered developer 10tacle Studios, creator of PC titles including GT Legends, Neocron and Elveon, have revealed that capital investment company Munich Venture Partners (MVP) has purchased a share of the company. MVP has invested in the developer via a fund established with research organization Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, inventors of the MP3 compression algorithm. As a result 10tacle will be given access to various Fraunhofer Institute resources, with officials specifically mentioning plans to develop new middleware technology. Rolf Nagel, managing partner of MVP, commented of the new deal, which follows the acquisition of Belgian studio elsewhere Entertainment, now 10tacle Studios Belgium, in October last year and London based GTR co-developer Blimey! Games in February of this year, "Online based real-time multiplayer games constitute a real technological challenge. In addition to classical Fraunhofer spin-offs, MVP also finances external start-ups which promote potentially innovative projects with the help of Fraunhofer Institutes. 10tacle Studios is an excellent example of this." In addition, Michele Pes, CEO of 10tacle Studios added: "Munich Venture Partners taking a share in our company highlights the technologically leading position and the attractiveness of the products of 10tacle Studios and gives both partners excellent opportunities for a future collaboration in developing new technologies."

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