'PlayStation Suite' Addresses Sony's Smartphone Gaming Gap

Alongside the introduction of its "Next Generation Portable," Sony unveiled the PlayStation Suite, which will bring first and third-
Alongside the introduction of its "Next Generation Portable," Sony Computer Entertainment unveiled the PlayStation Suite, which will bring first and third-party PlayStation-branded content to Android mobile devices. The new initiative will include bringing to-be-announced classic PS One games to mobiles that are based on Google's Android operating system. It's the first time that PlayStation content will be made available on an open operating system, Sony said. The introduction of PS Suite is an acknowledgment by Sony that it has to address a growing threat to its PSP handheld business posed by smartphones. Mobile games downloaded from digital storefronts like the iPhone's App Store and the Android Marketplace have been increasing in popularity due to lower app prices and increasing hardware install bases. PS Suite -- which will require Android 2.3 -- isn't just for releasing old PlayStation games on mobile devices. Sony said it will provide a "new game development environment" in order to encourage the creation of new PS Suite content by first and third parties. The company said PS Suite will offer more opportunity for developers and publishers to reach new audiences on a wider array of devices, providing what is effectively a PlayStation-branded app store on compatible Android devices. Sony added that "newly-developed content" for PS Suite will also be playable on the company's upcoming Next Generation Portable dedicated gaming hardware, which sports two analog sticks, a touch screen and a touch pad on the back. Sony also said it will partner with hardware manufacturers in a "PlayStation Certified" license program. "Through this program, SCE will offer necessary support, including development support as well as logo licensing, to ensure the delivery of PlayStation quality experience across various devices," the company stated.

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