'Overwhelming Demand' Causes Issues For SOCOM: Confrontation Beta

The beta for upcoming PS3 exclusive SOCOM: Confrontation is facing "overwhelming demand," creating load issues and other problems that necessitate a brief suspension of the game's beta servers while the online team performs maintenance and rolls ou
Slant Six-developed SOCOM: Confrontation's beta servers were to be briefly suspended early this morning while the online team performed maintenance and rolled out a new patch, says the team on the game's official blog. The beta, which went live on September 5th, was open to customers who preordered the title from GameStop or EB Games. Testing faced what the team calls "overwhelming demand," causing server load issues. "These issues are causing abnormal latency, disconnects, long load times, login errors and community features such as clans and stats not functioning correctly (or at all)," wrote the online team, also apologizing for the inconvenience. The server maintenance itself was to take only about an hour and a half, according to the team, but the beta issues are expected to continue. "We are doing everything we can to resolve these issues as quickly as possible and you should see some improvements progressively over the next couple of days," the statement continues. "However, we do not expect to have the issues completely resolved until close to the end of next week." The upcoming tactical third-person shooter is a PlayStation 3 exclusive, and is intended to be able to support up to 32 players per game. The game's online team is beta-testing over a month ahead of SOCOM: Confrontation's October 14 release.

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