'Limited Demand' Brings A Stop To Rock Band Network Songs On Wii

Due to a "smaller online install base" and "limited demand", Harmonix says it'll no longer be bringing Rock Band Network songs over to the Wii, although regular DLC on Nintendo's platform continues as usual.
Newly converted Rock Band Network content will no longer be available on Wii starting January 18, Harmonix revealed, suggesting that there simply wasn't enough demand for the service on Nintendo's platform to make it worth the work. Normally the network, which lets musicians release their own songs as playable Rock Band tracks, releases a slate of titles onto the XNA-based Xbox 360 platform, and then ports select ones to the PlayStation 3 and Wii. The latest batch, which saw songs from bands like former Sub Pop Records darlings Band of Horses and Iron & Wine coming to the other platforms, will be the last one that includes Wii, at least according to the present schedule, says the studio on its forums. "With the smaller online install base, limited demand for releases so far and the significant amount of work it takes for our producers and audio team to convert and process these additional tracks, we’re no longer able to continue submitting RBN content to the Wii," says a spokesperson. However, he added that "...regular Wii DLC, and RBN releases for the 360 and PS3 will continue uninterrupted." The Rock Band Network launched at the beginning of 2010 to support from individual artists -- to whom the program was most broadly marketed -- and independent record labels alike. Musicians can convert their own recordings into tracks compatible with the games, then sell them online for a 30 percent royalty.

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