You Don't Know Jack Creator Jellyvision Sues Aflac

Jellyvision, developer of the You Don't Know Jack quiz games, has sued insurance firm Aflac, claiming Aflac's "You Don't Know Quack" infringes the Jellyvision team's copyrights.
Jellyvision, longtime developer of the You Don't Know Jack quiz show computer games, has sued insurance provider Aflac based on allegations that an Aflac marketing website infringes Jellyvision's copyright. Aflac's site, titled "You Don't Know Quack," includes a three-question Flash-based true-or-false quiz intended to draw parallels between common (but erroneous) folk remedies, and beliefs about major health insurance. As reported by the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Jellyvision claims the site bears an undue and deliberate resemblance to its games, and "represents an effort to trade on the valuable goodwill and reputation associated with Jellyvision and its You Don’t Know Jack mark." "Aflac’s use of You Don’t Know Quack has caused, and is likely to continue to cause, confusion with regard to the affiliation or connection between Aflac and Jellyvision, and with regard to the source, sponsorship, or approval of Aflac’s game, resulting in the unjust enrichment of Aflac," reads the lawsuit, filed in an Illinois U.S. District Court. A Jellyvision attorney said the developer hopes to reach "an amicable solution" with Aflac. Aflac did not comment publicly. The popular You Don't Know Jack quiz game series was published as a line of dozens of retail compilations from 1995 through the early 2000s. It was known for its irreverent humor and its acerbic narrator and host. In 2007, Chicago-based Jellyvision relaunched the series as an episodic web game, published for about two years on a weekly basis. Since then, rumors of new console-based versions of the game have consistently surfaced.

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