WAR Reaches 750,000 Players

750,000 players have now registered for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning in North America, Europe and Australian territories since the MMORPG's mid-September launch, says developer Mythic Entertainment.
750,000 players have registered for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning in North America, Europe and Australian territories, says developer Mythic Entertainment. "Thanks to our players, the war between the Realms continues to escalate at an incredible pace," says Mythic co-founder and general manager Mark Jacobs. The developer, an Electronic Arts studio, said in late September that 500,000 registrations took place in the first week following the game's September 18 launch, simultaneous in the applicable territories. Mythic has also said that in its first week the game became EA's most pre-ordered PC title, and claims WAR was also the fastest-selling new MMO of all time, with 1.5 million units sold to retailers in launch territories. Says Jacobs, "The battlefields are alive with three quarters of a million players fighting for the forces of Order and Destruction in truly epic and unparalleled Realm vs. Realm battles!"

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