Universe at War First Games For Windows Live Title

Officials from Sega have announced that forthcoming real-time strategy game Universe at War: Earth Assault will become the first third party Games for Windows Live title, supporting cross-platform multiplayer matches between owners of the PC or Xbo
Officials from Sega have announced that forthcoming real-time strategy game Universe at War: Earth Assault will become the latest title to support Microsoft’s Games for Windows – Live system, making it the first third party title to do so. The game is due for release on PC this winter and on Xbox 360 in the spring. As with the previous two games to use the system, Microsoft’s own Halo 2 and Shadowrun, players will be able to compete in cross-platform matches between owners of either the PC or Xbox 360 version of the game, including in a persistent style “Conquer the World” mode across both formats. The game was first announced in February of this year as a PC only title, but following the success of Electronic Arts titles such as The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II and Command & Conquer 3, the game was also recently confirmed for the Xbox 360. It will be developed by Petroglyph, best known for Star Wars: Empire at War and for employing a number of ex-Westwood Studios staff. With the difference in control systems between the two versions being even wider than for shoot ‘em-ups such as Shadowrun the developer is apparently “working to implement a balanced gaming environment and multiple modes for PC vs. Xbox 360 multiplayer games ensuring the best possible experience for gamers on both platforms”. “Sega is delighted to be working with Microsoft and join them at the forefront of a new dawn for gaming” said Gary Knight, European marketing director for Sega Europe. “The power of the Xbox 360 console means that games once exclusively the preserve of high end PC gaming, are now finding a new home on console also. With Universe At War’s support for Games For Windows – Live we’ll be able to bring together PC and Console gamers through one of RTS gaming’s most anticipated new titles”.

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