Teaching Videogames Book To Debut In U.S.

The British Film Institute, a promoter of content related to film and moving image culture, is debuting its first entirely video game-oriented book, titled Teaching Videogames, to the U.S. this week.
The British Film Institute, a promoter of content related to film and moving image culture, debuts its first entirely videogame-oriented, titled Teaching Videogames. This guide, which has already been released in the UK, will be available to the US on September 1, 2006. The book provides an introduction to teaching with videogames, offering practical advice on classroom approaches and clear reference to critical and theoretical writing. It links the study of videogames to the key concepts within, includes detailed case studies of a range of videogames, and summarizes recent educational research. Contents from authors Barney Oram and James Newman include an introduction on assessment contexts and schemes of work, as well as chapters on ways to approach the study of video games, forms and conventions, audiences, institutions, and methods for analysing video games with case studies. Barney Oram is a lecturer at Long Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge. He is an Assistant Examiner of A level Media Studies for one of the English awarding bodies. James Newman is Senior Lecturer in Media Communications and Cultural Studies at Bath Spa University. For more information, interested parties can visit the British Film Institute website page devoted to the book.

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