Super Paper Mario Slips Into Top Of UK Charts

The Wii’s Super Paper Mario has moved up two places to the number one spot in the UK video game charts, leading a general resurgence for Nintendo format games which includes significant success for EA’s new MySims franchise spin-off.
A week after its initial launch, and despite problems with a notable bug and replacement discs, Super Paper Mario has moved up two places to the number one spot in the UK individual format charts. Overall the week saw a resurgence for Nintendo format games in the United Kingdom's game charts, with only three titles in the top ten not for either the Wii or Nintendo DS. In the combined format charts, it was Electronic Arts who hit the number one spot with the release of the PlayStation 3 version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 pushing the title to the number one spot. The individual format chart, though, shows the PlayStation 3 version to only have entered at number eleven, with 32 percent of all unit sales for the title. The Wii version accounted for 33 percent at number ten, the Xbox 360 version for 16 percent at number thirty-one and the PlayStation 2 version for 14 percent at number thirty-six. The highest new entry in the individual formats chart is the Wii version of MySims at number five, which appears to be performing notably better for Electronic Arts than fellow exclusive Boogie. The Nintendo DS version of MySims also enters the chart at number eight. Sony’s Heavenly Sword has fallen seven places to number thirteen this week, although its fall cannot be attributed entirely to the small user base of the PlayStation 3 – with Codemasters’ PlayStation 3 version of Colin McRae: DiRT moving up one place to number nine this week. Other new entries in the top forty include PC real-time strategy game World in Conflict at number fifteen and PlayStation 2 karaoke game SingStar: Rock Ballads at number nineteen. As expected, Sonic Rush Adventure on Nintendo DS has greatly improved on its launch week position, moving up eighteen places to number twenty. The final new entry of the week is PlayStation 3 exclusive Warhawk at number twenty-nine, although its chart position does not take into account any sales of the online version of the game, released earlier in the month.
13Super Paper MarioNintendoWii
34Wii PlayNintendoWii
45More Brain Training from Dr KawashimaNintendoDS
68Dr Kawashima's Brain TrainingNintendoDS
72Medal of Honor: AirborneEA360
910Colin McRae: DiRTCodemastersPS3
109Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08EAWii
Leisure software charts compiled by Chart Track, (C)2007. ELSPA Ltd

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