GTA 'Hot Coffee' Settlement Details Revealed

A new website is detailing available benefits for the plaintiffs in the Grand Theft Auto 'Hot Coffee' case against Take-Two, demonstrating five different compensation tiers plaintiffs can claim, depending on the level of purchase proof they retaine
Following Take-Two's announcement that it had settled the consumer class action lawsuits related to the infamous hidden 'Hot Coffee' modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a new website is detailing available benefits for the plaintiffs in the case. The settlement provides for five tiers of compensation depending on the type of purchase proof a plaintiff can furnish. Those who have only a first-edition disc may receive a replacement, while those who retain their detailed store receipt may receive a cash payment up to $35.00. Other types of compensation range from $5.00 to $17.50. Under the terms of the settlement, class members will be able to claim benefits if they swear that they: (a) bought a copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas before July 20, 2005; (b) were offended and upset by the ability of consumers to modify and alter the game's content using the third-party Hot Coffee modification; (c) would not have bought the game had they known that consumers could modify and alter the game's content using the third-party Hot Coffee modification; and (d) would have returned the game, upon learning the game could be modified and altered, if they thought this possible. A fully-detailed notice package sent to all plaintiffs in the suit explains that this compensation package is effective pending court approval. As revealed in the initial settlement announcement, if the court authorizes this settlement arrangement, Take-Two stands to spend $2.75 million in costs and payments in the suit. Plaintiffs must submit a claim form to receive the benefits if and when the court authorizes the settlement. They also have the option of objecting, going to a hearing regarding the settlement terms, or waiving their individual right to their portion of the settlement. The notice package also reveals that the class counsel plans to ask the court for their attorneys' fees and expense reimbursement for a total of $1 million. The attorneys will also submit an application to award incentive payments to the four plaintiffs who began the suit and offered depositions in the case in an amount up to $5,000 per person, plus up to $1,500 for three other individual plaintiffs.

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