Gran Turismo Anywhere Launching In February

Gran Turismo Anywhere, an upcoming feature allowing players to control Gran Turismo 5 races remotely from their internet browser or mobile device, is to launch early next month.
Gran Turismo fanatics will soon be issuing orders and keeping tabs on their Gran Turismo 5 races from the comfort of their internet browser or mobile device, as Gran Turismo Anywhere launches early next month. Gran Turismo Anywhere will allow players to control -- as a crew chief, not a driver -- B-Spec races remotely via an internet browser. Noted by GTPlanet, a tweet from Kazunori Yamauchi, head of GT5 developer Polyphony Digital, suggests that the new feature will be released in "early February." Gran Turismo Anywhere has been known to be in the works, but Yamauchi's mention of the feature is the most recent update on the status of Gran Turismo Anywhere. Yamauchi's Tweet was in Japanese and didn't specify a time frame for a global Gran Turismo Anywhere update, although GT5's online play is worldwide, suggesting a simultaneous worldwide update. Although the player will be controlling the race remotely, Gran Turismo will still have to be running on your PlayStation 3 at the same time to enable the new play system. GTPlanet also suspects that the addition of Gran Turismo Anywhere will accompany the next major update for the game. Gran Turismo 5, launched in late November, didn't rank in the North American top 10 in its first full month of sales in December, but the game sold approximately 1.14 million units in the U.S. in 2010 overall.

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