DEFCON, Roboblitz Chosen As ECD Indie Showcase Semi-Finalists

Copy Protection developer ECD Systems has announced the top 20 semi-finalists for its second-annual Independent Game Developers Showcase, including Introversion's DEFCON and Naked Sky's Roboblitz, with the winners due to be announced at CMP'
ECD Systems, involved in anti-piracy and copy protection software, has announced the top 20 semi-finalists for its second-annual Independent Game Developers Showcase, with the winners due to be announced on ECD's stand at next month's Austin Game Developers Conference. The semi-finalists were determined by popular vote, with the list now handed over to the Indie Showcase’s judging panel for final determination of the three runners-up and the grand prize winner. Grand prize winners of the showcase will received a "specially configured game developer’s workstation," with runners up receiving yet unnamed "valuable prizes," along with ECD's own Digital Armor products and social networking tech FairShare. The finalists in the general and newly added casual categories are as follows: General Category * Blockland – developed by Step 1: Games LLC (USA) * Call of the Dragon – developed by MindsEye Games & Hexgear Studios (USA) * Confronter: The Tower of Time – developed by EivaaGames (India) * DawnSpire – developed by Silent Grove Studios (Sweden) * DEFCON: Everyone Dies – developed by Introversion Software (UK) * RoboBlitz – developed by Naked Sky Entertainment, Inc. (USA) * Sector 13 – developed by Reactor Interactive (USA) * Soldat – Michal Marcinkowski (Poland) * Synaesthete – developed by DigiPen Institute of Technology (USA) * Uberpong – developed by Nibbo Studios (Mexico) Casual Category * BattleBrain – developed by DVide Arts Inc. (USA) * Baseball Mogul 2008 – developed by Sports Mogul Inc. (USA) * Bubble Chamber – developed by (USA) * Drops – developed by debrill Multimedia (Germany) * Fizzball – developed by Grubby Games (Canada) * Mayawaka – developed by PoBros Inc. (USA) * Opera Slinger – developed by Treblemakers (USA) * TubeTwist: Quantum Flux – developed by 21-6 Productions (USA) * Stunt Bike Island – developed by ForgeFX (USA) * Word Archery – developed by Anino Games (Philippines) Said ECD CEO Jack Hart, “The Showcase semi-finalists truly demonstrate to the gaming community the value of what independent game developers can offer in terms of game variety and quality. We are excited to be a valuable stepping stone for these developers and to help their great work gain recognition not only from the industry, but also from players."

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