De Blob Victorious At Australian Game Industry Awards

The Game Developers' Association of Australia announced this year's winners for its GDAA Industry Awards, with Blue Tongue's De Blob held up as the Best Game of 2008. The title also took home the Best Gameplay, Graphics, Audio, and Console Game awa
The Game Developers' Association of Australia announced this year's winners for its annual GDAA Industry Awards, with Blue Tongue Entertainment's De Blob for Wii held up as the Best Game of 2008 against Tantalus Media's MX vs. ATV: Untamed for the PlayStation Portable. Blue Tongue, THQ's Melbourne-based studio, and De Blob took home awards for several other categories as well, including Best Console Title, Best Gameplay, Best Graphics, and Best Audio. Torus Games won two awards, Best PC Title and Best Handheld Title, for Monster Jam and Zoo Hospital respectively. Firemint's Dung was recognized as the Best Mobile Title. Out of eight finalists, Debug was the winner of this year's Independent Game Awards, developed by Qantm College Brisbane and Fighter Creative. Zompocalypse (Paul Greasley, Wes Clarke) and Battle Scarred (University of Ballarat and Finite Productions) were the Runners Up. The complete list of Independent Game Awards finalists follows: Sphire (AIE Canberra) Zompocalypse (Paul Greasley, Wes Clarke) Shear Factor (Media Design School) Affliction (Media Design School) Happy Traps (Media Design School) State of Rage (Qantm College Brisbane) Debug (Qantm College Brisbane/Fighter Creative) Battle Scarred (University of Ballarat, Finite Productions)

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