Angry Birds Dev Rovio Gears Up For Consoles With Remedy Hire

Finnish Angry Birds developer Rovio said it is accelerating its console gaming efforts with the hiring of Remedy Entertainment cofounder Petri Järvilehto as SVP of console development.
Finnish Angry Birds developer Rovio said it is accelerating its console game efforts with the hiring of a new SVP of console development. The new addition to the company is Petri Jarvilehto, who co-founded fellow Finnish developer Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind big budget games like Alan Wake and Max Payne. Jarvilehto will remain on Remedy's board of directors. The hiring for a new head of console development comes as Rovio reports 75 million downloads of its mobile gaming hit Angry Birds. The physics-based game that has players slingshot birds into evil pigs launched in December 2009. Rovio wants to be known beyond mobile gaming. "We want to make Angry Birds a long lasting global gaming franchise, and we see the console platforms as a way of delivering an even more entertaining, powerful and involving experience," said Rovio CEO Mikael Hed in a statement. Jarvilehto added, "With consoles we have the opportunity to create a new kind of gaming experience [with Angry Birds]." The game recently launched on PlayStation Network as a PlayStation Minis title, and a weekend Tweet from Rovio said the franchise will see a Wii and 3DS release later this year. Mac and PC versions launched in January.

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