Top iPad Game Apps: ZombieSmash, Osmos Report Strong Sales

Sister site FingerGaming rounds up the week's most popular paid and free iPad games on the App Store as of today, with ZombieSmash and Osmos performing well.
[Sister site FingerGaming rounds up the week's most popular paid and free iPad games on the App Store as of today, with ZombieSmash, Osmos, Fruit Ninja and Simply Solitaire currently ranking among the platform's top downloads.] This week's top paid iPad games are: 1. Angry Birds HD ($4.99) 2. ZombieSmash HD ($0.99) 3. Cut the Rope HD ($1.99) 4. Osmos for iPad ($4.99) 5. Angry Birds Seasons HD ($1.99) 6. Fruit Ninja HD ($0.99) 7. Words With Friends HD ($0.99) 8. Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD ($0.99) 9. Wheel of Fortune HD ($6.99) 10. Scrabble for iPad ($0.99) Rovio's Angry Birds HD retakes the iPad's top sales position this week, trailed closely by Gamedoctors' physics puzzler ZombieSmash, which rises up to second place following a recent price drop. Cut the Rope HD reports big earnings this week at third place, as Osmos for iPad returns to the top ten after being named Apple's iPad game of the year. Newtoy's Words With Friends HD and Gameloft's Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD also reenter the charts this week thanks to steep price drops, while Wheel of Fortune HD and Scrabble for iPad close out today's results. Here are this week's top free iPad games: 1. Fruit Ninja HD Lite 2. Simply Solitaire HD 3. Can Knockdown 4. Angry Birds HD Free 5. Death Worm 6. Angry Birds Seasons HD Free 7. UNO HD Free 8. Smurfs' Village 9. Hungry Shark Part 1 HD 10. Solitaire A trial version of Halfbrick's Fruit Ninja HD once again tops the iPad's free charts, as YoYo Games' Simply Solitaire HD moves up to steal second place from Infinite Dreams' Can Knockdown. Demo versions of Angry Birds HD and UNO HD also rank as popular picks in today's results, while PlayCreek's Death Worm claims fifth place after recently being updated as a free download.

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