Mobile AR headset maker Mira secures $1M investment

Additionally, the company says the first wave of its $99 dev kits are in the mail.

The AR-minded startup Mira has raised a total of $1 million as its readies for the first wave of it Prism AR headsets to reach developers. 

Greylock Partners, Founders Fund Angel, and Macro Ventures led the recently concluded funding round, bringing the company’s total lifetime investment to $2.5 million. Mira says the additional funds will be directed toward providing more resources for its developer community and fueling its content partnership initiatives. 

Mira pitches the Prism as a mid-tier AR offering that falls somewhere between the HoloLens and built-in smartphone AR. Much like mobile-powered VR devices, the Prism the requires users to mount their smartphone within the headset. The device then reflects the phone’s screen onto a clear visor, overlaying digital images over real environments in the process.

“The reception we’ve seen for the Prism headset and our vision for enabling developers to create premium, shared AR experiences has been overwhelming, and we are honored to add the expertise of Greylock Partners, Founders Fund Angel, and Macro Ventures to the fold,” said a statement from Mira CEO and co-founder Ben Taft. “We’ve already seen select developers build incredible experiences with our SDK, and we’re eager to see what the wider community creates now that our software is more widely available.”

Along with the funding news, Mira says that it has started shipping the $99 developer kits it put up for pre-order earlier this year. More information on how to get your hands on one of those kits, as well as a download link and documentation for the Prism SDK, can be found over on Mira’s website

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