Lionhead Veterans Form Wonderland Software, Announce GodFinger For Ngmoco

Former staffers of Fable series developer Lionhead have created Wonderland Software, and are working with iPhone publisher Ngmoco (Rolando, Touch Pets Dogs) on life sim GodFinger.
iPhone games publisher Ngmoco (Rolando, Touch Pets Dogs) announced the upcoming release of GodFinger, a life simulation title created by former staff members of Fable series developer Lionhead. Lionhead veterans Matthew Wiggins and Mark Rose founded the Guildford-based startup development studio Wonderland Software in the summer of 2009, with Al Harding joining the company shortly thereafter. Wonderland's staff was previously involved in the creation of the Fable series and Lionhead's god games Black & White and Black & White 2. GodFinger puts players in control of a fledgling deity who must amass an army of followers. As their devoted ranks increase, players will have access to a variety of powers and abilities that will aid in warding off evil forces. GodFinger's gameplay involves strategic flooding and terraforming in order to create fertile land. A similar core mechanic was featured in the classic PC sim title Populous, developed by current Lionhead designer Peter Molyneux. Ngmoco has not yet announced a release date for GodFinger, but notes that the game is "rapidly approaching its App Store debut."

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