International Mobile Gaming Awards Reveal 2010 Finalists

The International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGAs) announced 30 games nominated for its 2010 awards, including games like Plants vs. Zombies, Real Racing 2, and Fruit Ninja.
The International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGAs) announced 30 games nominated for an upcoming final round of judging, highlighting popular mobile releases like Plants vs. Zombies, Real Racing 2, and Fruit Ninja across six categories. Now in its 7th year, the IMGAs have reviewed more than 1,400 mobile games submitted by developers worldwide, with this year's competition attracting 263 entries. The competition's winning games, as determined by a panel of mobile games researchers, artists, and developers, will be announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. "We have had an unprecedented response for the year's awards," said Maarten Noyons, CEO and Founder of the IMGA. "We see a trend of very high quality, big productions coming to the mobile platform and on the other hand a lot of fresh innovative casual games. "I think the jury has made a very interesting choice. The 7th IMGA shows a wealth of new ideas and ground-breaking quality coming from studios all over the world. I would like to congratulate each of the developers that have games nominated and thank everyone who submitted games to the awards." Public voting for the IMGA People's Choice Award is now available at the IMGA's website. A full list of 2010 IMGA finalists follows: Best Casual Game - Bird Strike - Gold Edition - PikPok - New Zealand - Bulba The Cat - C4M - France - Fruit Ninja - Halfbrick - Australia - Jenga - NaturalMotion - UK - Plants vs. Zombies - PopCap Games - Ireland Best Real World Game - AR Invaraders - Soulbit7 - Israel - Blaze - A Different Game - Sweden - Ghostwire - A Different Game - Sweden - Pocket Critter - Jilin Animation Institute - China - Tourality - Creative Workline - Germany Best Sports Game - Billabong Surf Trip - Biodroid Productions - Portugal - Championship Manager 2011 - Dynamo Games Ltd - Scotland - Ice Breaker - NaturalMotion - UK - Let's Golf 2 - Gameloft - United Kingdom - Snowboard Hero - Fishlabs - Germany Excellence in Design - Galaxy on Fire 2 - Fishlabs - Germany - ilomilo - Southend Interactive - Sweden - Infinity Blade - Chair Entertainment - USA - Real Racing 2 - Firemint - Australia - Zen Bound 2 - Secret Exit Ltd. - Finland Excellence in Gameplay - Beyond Ynth - FDG Entertainment - Germany - Guns'n'Glory - Handy Games - Germany - N.O.V.A. 2 - Gameloft - France - Perfect Cell - Mobigame - France - Pix'n Love Rush - BulkyPix - France Most Innovative Game - Anomaly Warzone Earth - 11 bit studios - Poland - EpicWin - Tak Fung - UK - Finger Balance - Coconut Island Studio - China - Papa Sangre - Somethin' Else - United Kingdom - The Line - Ant Hive Games - China

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