How to ensure you are using a secured bingo site

With online bingo games becoming increasing popular in the last few years, there are now thousands of sites in operation which offer you the chance to win sizeable jackpots and promotions!

With online bingo games becoming increasing popular in the last few years, there are now thousands of sites in operation which offer you the chance to win sizeable jackpots and promotions! However, before opening an account with these organisations it is crucial that you check whether their sites are secure. To help you do so, here are some of our tried and tested tips that you can use to check whether you are playing on a secure bingo site:

1 - Check for multiple payment options

Before creating an account with a bingo site you should always check whether they offer multiple third party payment options such as PayPal, Google Wallet and Neteller. By identifying the presence of these third party payment options, you can rest assured that you will not be divulging your confidential payment details directly to the bingo site itself and instead it will be distributed via a highly secure independent payment platform. If a bingo site cannot offer multiple payment options through these secure banking networks then it is strongly recommended that you take your business elsewhere!

2 - Assess its security software

Upon visiting a new bingo site or mobile gaming app, you should always assess the security software and privacy policies of the entire site before opening an account. If you cannot see symbols such as the "VeriSign secured" icon then you will not be able to guarantee that the site in question is secure. All credible bingo sites will be able to demonstrate SSL certificates and security badges which will verify that the website and its payment processes are highly secure, password protected, and that all of your personal betting and banking information will be encrypted. 

3 - Scrutinise their advertising campaigns

If you want to know whether a bingo site is secure and accredited then one of the best ways you can find out is to scrutinise their current advertising campaign. Have you recently seen a TV commercial or online promotion advertising their company? If so, then it is highly likely that this organisation is secure. This is due to the fact that high profile bingo sites are under close scrutiny from regulating bodies and as such, maintain strict security protocols and high levels of customer service. As online gambling organisation Wink Bingo explain; "Giving your time and money to these sites is normally a safe bet because the operators know that by making themselves high profile, it puts a lot of attention on them from regulatory committees and other establishments who will want to make sure they are operating legally"

4 - Investigate their customer support options

All reputable bingo sites have a dedicated customer support network which is at hand to resolve any user disputes in a quick and courteous manner. If you cannot quickly and easily locate a company's live chat support option or the contact details for their customer support helpline then this is a clear indicator that their site may not be secure.

5 - Check their active user numbers

Upon visiting a new bingo site you should always check how many users are currently frequenting the site. If the number is extremely low then this is a warning that the site may not be secure. Although a higher number of active users may reduce your odds of winning, it demonstrates that the site is popular and trusted by a large network of players.

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