Gameloft to bring Xbox Live features to 3 mobile games

Three of Gameloft's existing mobile games will be updated to offer Xbox Live support in the coming year.

Newsbrief: Three of Gameloft’s existing mobile games will be updated to offer Xbox Live support in the coming year. The move is born out of a partnership with Microsoft and builds on the company’s previously announced decision to open Xbox Live features up to devs with games on iOS and Android.

Asphalt 9: Legends, Asphalt 8: Airborne, and Dragon Mania Legends will all receive support for various Xbox Live features over the coming year, including achievements, friends lists, and leaderboards.

This also makes Gameloft one of the first mobile companies to adopt Xbox Live support since Microsoft announced that it had a cross-platform SDK in the works last year to open those features up to devs on iOS and Android. As previously detailed, the tools make it possible for devs to pick and choose which Xbox Live features they'd like to roll into their own projects on mobile platforms. 

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