Flashpoint Professor to Share iPhone Development Experience in Classroom

Simeon Peebler, professor and Chair of Game Development at Flashpoint Academy in Chicago, plans to introduce classroom material that references the development of his recently released iPhone puzzler BLiP Bloink.
Simeon Peebler, professor and Chair of Game Development at Flashpoint, The Academy of Media Arts & Sciences, has released the puzzler BLiP Bloink for the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms. The game is now available for download from Apple's iTunes App Store. Peebler teaches game programming and design at the Chicago-based private college, and believes that the experience of developing an iPhone title will provide valuable material for future classroom lectures. "Students are really interested in the iPhone platform," Peebler said. "As a game development educator, I believe it is important to spend some time to get one of my games out there on the iPhone. I can now leverage that experience in mentoring and inspiring my students." BLiP Bloink is a match-based puzzler that plays out like a mix of Tetris and Bejeweled. Players must drop animals from the top of the screen and attempt to match them with creatures of the same type. The game features three difficulty modes, unlockable achievements, and a "brag" feature that allows players to e-mail their accomplishments to their friends. Prior to accepting his position at Flashpoint Academy, Peebler worked with a number of development studios, including FASA Interactive, Imagination Pilots Entertainment, and Jellyvision. BLiP Bloink is his first title for the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms.

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