Firemint: iPhone Flight Control Sells 3.9M Units

Australian developer Firemint said on Thursday that to date, the company has sold 3.9 million paid units of its hit App Store game Flight Control across Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch devices.
Australian developer Firemint said in a Thursday blog post that to date, the company has sold 3.9 million paid units of its hit App Store game Flight Control. The amount is nearly double the sales figure Firemint released for the game in January last year, when the developer announced 2 million in unit sales. The game has players trace flight paths for different types of aircraft, in order to direct helicopters, airliners and smaller aircraft to their respective landing areas. According to a graph released by the developer (below), sales of the game spiked soon after the game's original launch, after the release of new maps, during two different Christmas holidays and with the addition of support for iPhone 4's high-resolution Retina display. Sales of the game saw the second-highest spike shortly after the September 2010 launch of Apple's Game Center gaming community platform. Flight Control's U.S. sales accounted for most of the game's total sales, with 1.6 million units sold in the region. The game is number 10 on Apple's all-time paid apps chart in the country. Firemint is also the developer behind the Real Racing series, which originally debuted on iPhone and is now on iPad as Real Racing HD. The studio's latest Flight Control figures only include sales of the iPhone and iPod Touch version of the game. In March last year, the developer released Flight Control HD on iPad, and has also launched versions on PlayStation Network, Steam and Nintendo's DSiWare. Earlier this month, Firemint announced that it acquired fellow Melbourne, Australia-based studio, Puzzle Quest developer Infinite Interactive. flightcontrolgraph.jpg

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