Double Loop Games raises $8 million to create meaningfully charming mobile games

Founded by Emily Greer and Shelby Moledina, Double Loop Games plans to use the additional funds to expand its team and continue development of its first game for mobile.

Double Loop Games has raised $8 million in funding. The studio plans to use the cash to expand its team as it works on its debut mobile game, which is now being teased as a hybrid puzzle game with deep social elements.

Though details are vague, it's exactly the sort of game Double Loop set out to create back when cofounders Emily Greer and Shelby Moledina founded the studio two years ago. The mobile-focused developer aims to create captivating casual games for those that may not even consider themselves "gamers" and tap into what they believe is an under-served market.

“Games bring us moments of joy, essential social connections, and are part of the fabric of our everyday lives -- and this past year has made it clear that our relationship to games will only increase,” reads a statement from Greer, Double Loop's CEO.

“At Double Loop, we think about how to entertain and create meaningful and charming experiences for anyone that likes to play games as a personal hobby or a social outlet, regardless of whether they self-identify as gamers.”

This latest $8 million investment comes at the close of a Series A funding round led by Hiro Capital with participation from Riot Games and Garena. It includes an unspecified investment from Hiro Capital announced back in February and follows a $2.5 million seed funding round the year before.

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