Best of FingerGaming: From Song Summoner to NBA Hotshot

Gamasutra rounds up the week's top news and reviews from sister iPhone site FingerGaming, this time covering free-to-play standout Super Ramen BROTHers, plus the debut of NBA Hotshot.
[Gamasutra rounds up the week's top news and reviews from sister iPhone site FingerGaming, as written by editor in chief Danny Cowan and authors Mathew Kumar and Jonathan Glover.] This week, FingerGaming highlights the free-to-play standout Super Ramen BROTHers, as well the debut of Freeverse's licensed arcade title NBA Hotshot. The site also ranks the top paid and free iPhone game apps and the highest-grossing games for the week, and reviews Square Enix's music-themed strategy-RPG Song Summoner. Here are the top stories from the last seven days: - Top-Grossing Game Apps: Tetris Challenges Call of Duty "EA's Tetris rises up from fifth place to finish behind Call of Duty World of War Zombies at second, while The Sims 3 beats out Gameloft's FPS N.O.V.A. for third place." - Review: Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes - Encore "It'd be great fun if you could subtract the loading times, but they're so bad -- and so unavoidably part of the experience -- that you can't even just try and ignore them." - Super Ramen BROTHers: A Free Game Developed in 24 Hours "If you were given only 24 hours, could you turn a basic gameplay concept into a finished product? A pair of iPhone developers took on the challenge, and the result of their experiment can be downloaded for free from the App Store." - Freeverse Releases Skee-Ball Follow-Up NBA Hotshot "With its smash hit Skee-Ball ranking as the App Store's top seller more than three months after its initial release, developer Freeverse has launched another arcade mainstay for the iPhone - the free throw simulator NBA Hotshot." - Top Free Game App Downloads for the Week "The holidays brought a legion of new iPhone and iPod Touch owners to the App Store, leading to a boost in popularity for classic apps like Falling Balls, Waterslide Extreme, and Unblock Me." - Final Fantasy Creator Hironobu Sakaguchi Announces Upcoming iPhone Game "Gaming industry veteran and Final Fantasy series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi announced that Lost Odyssey developer Mistwalker will soon release its first title for the iPhone and iPod Touch." - Top-Selling Paid Game Apps for the Week "Freeverse's Skee-Ball takes the top spot for the second week running. Tetris, Bejeweled 2, and Scrabble see renewed popularity, pushing last week's second-place title Cartoon Wars: Gunner to sixth place." - Klax Creator Releases Star*Burst for iPhone "In Star*Burst, players square off against a conveyor belt and an endless stream of falling blocks. Star*Burst further expands on the classic formula with bombs, timers, and combos, ensuring a new challenge for Klax fanatics."

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