Analyst: Genshin Impact surpasses $1 billion on mobile in six months

According to data captured by the analysts at Sensor Tower, Genshin Impact has now surpassed $1 billion on mobile since September 2020.

Genshin Impact has now surpassed $1 billion in player spending on mobile, at least according to the mobile-minded analysts over at Sensor Tower.

According to estimates from the firm, miHiYo's gacha sensation managed to reach that milestone quicker than other recent mobile giants like Pokemon Go or Lineage M and hit $1 billion in less than six months.

However, Sensor Tower's data notably only covers mobile, meaning player spending on PC or PlayStation 4 isn't included in these figures.

The full Sensor Tower report here has a deeper dive into that data. For some highlights, the bulk of that player spending comes from China. Roughly 30 percent of all player spending, or $302 million so far, came from China, followed by $278.3 million in Japan, and $189 million in the United States.

On average, and across all regions, Sensor Tower estimates Genshin impact has generated an average of $5.8 million per day since launch.

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