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4 Unbeatable Mobile Game Development Tools Nobody Can Ignore

Though there is still a considerable portion of game developers prefer to build their mobile game apps without just depending on a third party engine. That is to say, they prefer to develop their game just from scratch.

But a majority of the game developers worldwide still prefer to make their mobile game by using existing engines and tools. Among the wide array of sophisticated mobile game development tools you are likely to find a match at least to a great extent corresponding to your needs. Obviously, here we are mainly speaking of serious and professional developers, not about the hobbyists.  Among the plenty of tools we have chosen here 4 of the most sought after mobile game development tools worldwide.

Unreal Engine
Hardly any game engine you can name that can match the power, versatility and look and feel attributes of Unreal. Till date Unreal Development Kit garnered around 2.25 million unique installs which is an unbeatable feat by any rate and shows the popularity of this world famous game engine and the community support that it enjoys. There are too many positive things to tell in favor of Unreal Engine. Let us provide below a few of them.

  • Unreal tough offer not a very low learning curve, at least with wide range of community based tutorials and videos you can command the curve to your favor.
  • It offers a really high quality mobile development environment that has been tried and tested through an array of benchmarked games.  
  • To stand out in the tremendously competitive mobile game space Unreal enjoys the most preferred status among developers.
  • You can name many of the worlds most sold out mobile games built with Unreal.

Unity is a truly versatile multifaceted game engine for all sorts of games.  There are too many aspects that make Unity a hot favorite for mobile game developers. It is a game engine that offers robust cross-platform capabilities besides being really reliable and accessible. Unity has an integrated environment that makes it easy to port between every major mobile platform.  With such robust capacity it is very unlikely that Unity won’t enjoy the favor of mobile developers. Let us find some crucial aspects that make Unity so unique and popular.

  • The core Unity tools are free and using these free the developers can publish games in major mobile platforms without any cost whatsoever. Only after making your game a moderate success with an earning more than $100K per year, you need to upgrade to Unity Pro version against a price. It is needless to say that the pro version offers some extra features helpful for developing more feature rich games.
  • Unity is powerful efficient, superb in design elements and offers wide cross platform development capabilities for mobile game space.
  • There are also other related services with this engine like Unity Cloud and Sharing Services, offering developers a full package rather than just the engine tool.
  • Many of the world’s most popular cross platform mobile games are made with Unity and naturally you can enjoy great community support.

As a gaming engine Marmalade rose to fame because of its robust cross platform capabilities and fastest development speed for building feature rich C++ games. From just a single project file comprising Xcode and Visual Studio projects you can create games for all mobile and game console platforms. This easy cross development approach made Marmalade a favorite among mobile game development companies.

  • Marmalade represents a complete set of tools that takes care of almost all the game development process and porting.
  • Marmalade is presently available for free.
  • This engine and gaming package offers tools for both developers and users. While developers are free to access SDK to code in C++, users on the other hand can access other useful tools. For instance, a tool named Juice helps to simplify the porting process of games from iOS to Android or vice versa.
  • Marmalade Quick is another useful development tool for faster game development Lua.
  • Using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript on Marmalade you can create hybrid mobile game apps.

Developers who for monetizing their mobile games and increasing the user engagement look for great tool are likely to stop at Nextpeer. This social engagement and robust monetization tool was launched in August 2013 and thereafter in quick time it rose to worldwide prominence. Let us have a look at some of the aspects that make it so important a tool in mobile game development space.

  • You can easily create great multiplayer games for mobile platforms through this social SDK.  
  • It offers faster social integration capability on mobile game space as it takes minutes to integrate with any game.
  • Higher user retention and engagement is the proven benefits of Nextpeer for countless games. Around 3000 games on iOS platform have already been integrated with the Nextpeer SDK.
  • Besides enhancing engagement and retention score Nextpeer is also a great tool to help your app being discovered across app stores.
  • Lastly, Nextpeer SDK is available for free.

Any game developer would agree how different tools help them to cut through the job easily while concentrating more on creative brilliance and other aspects of enhancements. At any rate, tools can only offer you a sound base and rest depends on your concept and skills.


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