Boost your career goals at the GDC 2022 Industry Stage

The Industry Stage at GDC Expo hosts a series of presentations, demonstrations, and expert-level panels on a broad range of topics related to working in the game development industry.

Are you ready to take your game development career to the next level, or facilitate the latest innovations at your studios? The Industry Stage is hosting several exciting sessions at GDC 2022—all dedicated to helping industry newcomers, veterans, and everyone in between.

The 2022 Game Developers Conference organizers are thrilled to unveil the first of many sessions for this year's Industry Stage at GDC Expo. The Industry Stage hosts a series of presentations, demonstrations, and expert-level panels on a broad range of topics related to working in the game development industry, along with information on the industry itself. It's also home to GDC Pitch, a fun and exhilerating event where 10 GDC Play exhibitors are chosen to pitch their game live to a panel of investors and publishers.

Here are a few Industry Stage sessions to get hyped about:

Build Your Career in Games Like It's an RPG—Panel

The journey through the game industry is not cookie cutter. Like characters from an RPG, each person can specialize into specific craft areas, pick up side skills along the way, and even change roles entirely. In this panel, seasoned game developers from Phoenix Labs, USC Games, PUBG Corporation, and Wizards of the Coast will share their non-linear career paths in games—from animation and branding, to events and operations, to game direction and studio management, and more.

Interview Wizardry—Dan Violet Sagmiller (Principal Unity Engineer, Thought World)

This session will talk about hiring from the company's perspective, how to prepare your resume and what resume rules don't matter, how must interviewers are untrained, and what psychological rules you can use to not only get an edge, but rewrite their perception of the job and give youself seemingly impossible boosts.

Tips From the Trenches: How to Help Recruiters and Hiring Managers Get You in the Door—Panel

Have you heard how good it is to work at some studios? Recruiters play a critical role in helping build the teams of successful studios. The goal of this panel is to paint a picture behind the scenes of the hiring teams that help coordinate the candidates that make up those teams.

Serious Games as the Next Level for Your Career—Jesse Hacker (Senior Software Engineer, Continental Automotive)

This talk will go over the ways in which Jesse Hacker has used their game design background in non-traditional ways to carve out a serious games niche for their career. Jesse will provide examples from his history, as well as advice for attendees seeking an alternative to the traditional game industry career path and a way to continue to grow and progress as a game developer outside the hyper competitive major studios—or in locations where there are traditionally fewer game jobs.

The Industry Stage sessions are available for all GDC 2022 pass types. Be sure to register to get access to these and many more exciting events happening this year!

Click here to register for GDC 2022.

GDC 2022 will take place from March 21-25 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California, with our virtual event happening March 21-April 1. Health and safety measures remain paramount and we’re committed to following city and Moscone Center guidelines to deliver an exceptional experience. Be sure to check out our Q&A that addresses some of the biggest questions regarding health, safety, and international travel for this year's in-person and virtual event, and we invite you to bookmark our Health & Safety page for the latest updates.

GDC returns in-person to San Francisco, March 21-25—registration is open! For more information on GDC 2022, including our virtual options, be sure to visit our website and follow the #GDC22 hashtag on social media.

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