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Developer Frozen Codebase confirmed to Gamasutra that its game based on the Adult Swim animated series Metalocalypse was canned, but studio founder Ben Geisler said, "We're still moving on."

Kris Graft, Contributor

July 29, 2010

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There will be no video game based on the Adult Swim animated series Metalocalypse -- at least not the one that was under development by Green Bay, WI-based developer Frozen Codebase. "Yeah, it's not going on any longer," studio found Ben Geisler told Gamasutra in a Thursday phone call, confirming an earlier report on Siliconera. "We were making the game for Konami, and Konami lost the license." For Frozen Codebase, the game's axing is old news. The studio has known of the game's cancellation since around December last year, and has since made staff adjustments and signed new development deals. Geisler said development of a Women's Flat Track Derby Association roller derby game for WiiWare is almost finished and an undisclosed project is underway. Geisler said the "worst part" about the Metalocalypse cancellation is that there are images and video footage of the game floating around the internet that represent the game's very early stages. "They're really old, as compared to as far as we took the game. That's unfortunate that's what ended up being released," he said. The small studio still has two teams at work, with a total staff of 18 people, "down a little bit, but [Metalocalypse's cancellation] hasn't impacted us as much as you might think," Geisler said. "We only really peaked at about 23." He added, "We're still moving on. We had to think quickly, but we're small, and because of that we're able to be pretty agile, so we just moved onto some new opportunities."

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