VR or AR or just Real Life

My very serious opinion on what VR/AR should be used for and why...

My question concerning technology (Heidegger)

is why we need computers at all

Pickup a futbol

Read a defender

Check someone into the wall


If there is potent powers

in VR, well I have helped get funding to do disability research

but if there are able-bodied people

why should we waste their time.


When they could be outside dancing


when we could make poetics with WASD

just as well


when we are de-inventing the medium

when we could pay for 3 good massages


When what the point is

is there a sword

Have we fenced yet


sign a death waiver

is what even AYSO (soccer)



what do we ask when we make a game

a life waiver to spend each other's time


or a grant to allow men in their prime

to be wasted


this is a poem


I love reality

and virtuality

and never shall the twain not meet


but remember


do not

or do

there is no try

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