Oculus grabs Beat Saber as an Oculus Quest launch title

Oculus has announced that the VR rhythm game Beat Saber will be landing on its upcoming standalone VR headset when it launches at some yet unannounced point this year.

Oculus has announced that the VR rhythm game Beat Saber will be hitting its upcoming standalone VR headset on day one.

The company shared the announcement alongside a brief Q&A with the dev team today, an announcement that falls just shortly after developer Beat Games’ own news that Beat Saber has surpassed 1 million sales across all platforms in less than a year.

The Oculus Quest itself is still due out for a vague sometime-in-2019 release, but nabbing Beat Saber as one of the self-contained VR headset’s launch titles is a significant push to bolster the platform’s offerings ahead of that eventual launch.

Oculus has already said that it’s aiming for a ‘quality-first’ approach for games that show up on the Quest’s game store, and the Beat Saber announcement certainly falls in line with that. It's a push detailed in a recent blog post on the company’s site, and one that ultimately aims to focus on apps that take advantage of some of the Quest’s flagship features like its inside-out 6DOF tracking, and one that's led to a stricter application process for devs looking to land a game on the platform. 

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