Facebook's VR rebranding changes Oculus Connect to Facebook Connect

Oculus branding isn’t going away, but Facebook's annual VR/AR developer event won’t bear the Oculus name moving forward.

Facebook has made some changes to the branding for its VR/AR dealings, including a change that removes the Oculus name from its yearly VR/AR developer event.

Facebook Connect, previously known as Oculus Connect, is now booked as a virtual event on September 16. The Oculus to Facebook shift is a small one in the scale of things, but its timing is notable given Oculus recently announced that it is starting to transition away from Oculus accounts (and toward Facebook accounts) for its entire line of VR gear.

In a blog post, Facebook explains the rebranding as a reflection of the fact that “Connect has grown to include so much more than Oculus, with research updates and product news from Spark AR to Portal from Facebook.” The company is also rebranding its entire VR/AR department as Facebook Reality Labs, a name that previously belonged to its R&D division.

Upload VR notes that a Facebook spokesperson has confirmed that the Oculus branding isn’t being retired by any means, despite the slight shifts we’ve seen in recent weeks. 

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