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Where have the flowers gone

Thinking out loud about hopes and dreams that seemed faded


I really wanted to see gaming advance much further than it has today.

I wanted to see Pro Fishing Challenge 2

I wanted to be the Last Starfighter

I wanted to be secretly recruited for my skills as a real life Mech Pilot

I wanted to be a Pinball Wizard

One day I said to a coworker "I want to be a whisper" and he said "Be careful what you wish for"... and now I know... "Be careful for what you wish for".

 My voice is dry and cracked, and no whiskey or sweetest kiss from the down right purdiest girl in the world is ever gonna bring my voice back. Like when there are no more machines to play my favorite game of all time "Pro Fishing Challenge".

I see we are able to put games together with incredible ease, and I see games with millions of dollars invested in them canceled.

And I see, why games are not progressing the way they should.

And now I'm going blind

I do see a light... I see a light in games about nature, and the planet.  I also see an opportunity.

 I said I see "a light", not dollar symbols. To see the light and dollar symbols you have to put these three elements together

Fishing- give someone a fish and you'll feed them for a day. Teach them how to fish and you'll feed them for life. ( teach them how make bait, use use it correctly, and teach them biology and environmental impacts including pollution and overfishing etc.) (add some freaky fish)

Hunting- Same thing, teach them what impacts hunting has, what is happening to the animals ecolands, what biproducts can be used from hunting etc. (Add some crafting of the harvest)

Farming- Same thing, what does it take to grow a feild of corn, it's a whole lot more than tilling the land and planting seed. Teach them about organic growing and fuel crops. But they also need to know what NPK is and PH and how to utilize proper nutrients and seasons when growing outdoors, what makes them flower and produce fruits and vegetables, and how to obtain seeds from them to plant more. etc. (Add a Queen Siam Basil plant, you can learn alot from that plant) Any plant really but I like Queen Siam Basil.

Y'know, but make it into a cool game.

That's my last fading dream of gaming. Who's gonna care for the feilds and streams and flowers in a desolate world of machines and nuclear meltdowns? 

 The NPC's?

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