Welcome to My Blog!

Hi readers, I’m Wes Rockholz, a Game Design and Development student at Rochester Institute of Technology. Welcome to my new professional blog!

Hi readers, I'm Wes Rockholz, a Game Design and Development student at Rochester Institute of Technology. Welcome to my new professional blog!

Here I'll be sharing my thoughts on all topics related to game design and development. For my first post, I'll describe my current projects so you can get a sense for my interests.

Student Project: Carrier

Carrier is a mobile 2D action-arcade game developed in Flash by a six-person team. I am the product owner, so I manage the game design and oversee the development process alongside the scrum master. In Carrier, the user plays as a helicopter with a large winch on the bottom that can pick up and carry large objects. The goal is to pick up objects around a city and wreak havoc by flinging them at buildings and other objects on the streaks while defending yourself against increasingly difficult law enforcement.

Here's a link to my Carrier development blog on WordPress.

Personal Project: Untitled Trailblazer Game

I'm currently working with an artist who's a good friend of mine on a fantasy game based on the core mechanic of travel in Oregon trail. The game is early in it's design and brainstorming phases, but will likely be a major topic of this blog in the near future.

Experimental Project: Untitled Tabletop-Card Hybrid Tabletop Game

Like the trailblazer game, this project is still in the design phases, but the goal is to mix elements of trading card games with tabletop RPG mechanics to create a structured role-playing game in which players can develop their characters separate from a particular campaign. This project is currently frozen due to a lack of artists, but will likely revive again in the near future.

Thanks much for reading, check back weekly for more posts!

~ Wes

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