Valve: King of Digital Distribution

Jumping on the Steam bandwagon. Feel the love, Valve. Feel it good.

I can only imagine how many articles have been written praising Valve's digital distribution system, Steam.  One day I'll write nice things about Impulse and others, but for the moment I'm going to jump on the Steam bandwagon.

More than just what's available on the service, the social-functions and ease-of-use, what really makes me appreciate Steam is Valve's willingness to reach out to gamers and not just sit back and live the status quo.

Whereas pricing games is generally a standard practice across the board, Valve has reduced prices for a weekend, run sales all the time , and most recently offered anyone who hasn't played one of their great games the opportunity to do so for free for over 24 hours.

It's tough not to love Valve with how they're making their games available over Steam - and certainly that's the point. First stop for me when I'm thinking about getting a new PC game is Steam, which can only be good news for them. Here's to hoping they keep it up.

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