TOYS: Alpha Report

Alpha milestone report for TOYS.

The TOYS teams completed their Alpha sprint Monday, September 19th.  The general requirements for Alpha was to build the entire game to feature complete with no showstopper bugs and have each game roughly balanced. 

The specific requirements that the teams met include the following:

  • Final art (with the exception of particles) and functionality are implemented for weapons.
  • Final custom character textures are implemented.
  • Final functionality and placeholder art are implemented for the heads up display.
  • Final functionality and placeholder art are implemented for the menu system.
  • All final environment art is placed in the level with the allowance that clutter may need to be re-arranged for optimal gameplay in the Beta sprint.
  • Custom lighting is in place with the allowance that the settings may be tweaked in the Beta sprint.
  • Network play (multiplayer mode) is in and completely functional.
  • All bots work with fully functional AI.  AI may be tweaked in the Beta sprint.
  • Fully functional alpha installer.
  • All custom sounds, music, and voiceovers are running in the game with the allowance that they may need to be tweaked in the Beta sprint.
  • All gameplay features are implemented, though they are in a rough state and need tweaking in the Beta sprint.
  • Custom programming features and functionalities are implemented with no showstopper bugs.
  • Game documents (Game Design Document, Technical Design Document, Level Design Document, Asset and Development Plan, Asset Database, and Art Style Guide are updated to reflect changes made this sprint to the game)

Each of the four teams presented on the 19th for 15-20 minutes, with each department talking about and showing what they did on the game during the Alpha sprint.  They also included what they plan to do in the upcoming Beta sprint, with most teams reporting gameplay polish, HUD and menu refinement, art polish, and bug fixing being the priority. 

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