Time to add some new flavor to the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games.

Dear Activision/Harmonix: Your guitar games have hit a ceiling for gameplay, and it's time to rethink the formula.

I used to be a big fan of Guitar Hero/Rock Band. Both games really took the gaming world by storm with their unique and original gameplay. Both franchises also tried to up the ante every year in trying to escalate the game experience for the end user. 

But now the franchises are guilty of over-saturating the market in a short time frame, and with not much in the way of innovative new gameplay, the fanbase has started to stay away from the newer releases.

Instead of being critical of how stagnant the two have become, I have decided to pitch a few ideas that might bring some new life to the games:

First. a major change in the key peripheral:


A new guitar for gamers


It features a sliding button panel which amplifies gameplay. Now the placement of the 'notes' adds another dimension. I also added a few more buttons for combos and specific notes, and the purple button is intended to mimic a 'Slide Guitar', which will act like another whammy of sorts. 

The onscreen gameplay will look something like this:

Onscreen Gameplay

 (More likely to be in a perspective view)

And it doesn't have to stop at the guitar. Here are a few more ideas to help revitalize the guitar games:

1.) A headset microphone that runs to a pedal (for cowbelling or autotune), that enables people to play guitar/drums and sing-- so everyone could be Phil Collins or Eric Clapton.
2.) Pedals for guitar players to add more depth to gameplay- though I believe there are aftermarket pedals already in existence.
3.) If they could compress motion detectors to fit in a drumstick, the drummer could do some drumstick spinning for an Overdrive bonus-- heck everyone does it. Okay a bit far-fetched.
So what do you think? Are the games in need of some fresh blood?

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